Authentic Yoga Life offers classes inspired by the philosophy and sequencing of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow. We believe it is essential to always listen to your body, practice at your own level, and challenge your edge.



  • LifePower Yoga Teacher Training 200-RYT

  • Level 1, 2 teacher training — in ongoing training with Baron Baptiste


I have lived most of my life playing small. Through my yoga practice, I have had to let go of those things holding me back – a career I hid behind, relationships that no longer served me, societal stereotypes that I expected myself to live up to as a mother, wife and woman.

My inner voice has been begging me to play BIG – to be AUTHENTIC — no matter what anyone thinks.I am a student of this practice just like you.

Pushing myself to my edge and finding some comfort there on the mat has gotten me to this point. Authentic Yoga Life IS my edge.

I created this place to hold me accountable to staying PRESENT, playing BIG and being REAL.

I hope you find AYL to be the safe, supportive space that challenges you to explore all of the beautiful possibilities that are uniquely yours. Hold yourself accountable — we’ll do the same. Doesn’t your life deserve it?


I am passionate about using the transformative tools from Baptiste Yoga and AcroYoga, to empower each and every person to live big and play big. I personally created huge change in my life leaving a high-powered career in tech Sales to transforming lives globally. I also have a history of coaching gymnastics and working with professional athletes including baseball, football, basketball and hockey players and teams..

I empower people and transform lives. Yoga has forged a path for me to create a deeper connection to myself and others. It has opened me up to a new way of being and seeing the world. I have shifted my vision to what is really important in my life each day and each moment. It lights me up to inspire others to live outside the parameters of what they thought possible for themselves in their career, their physical body, and their life in general. Creating a life of living big, creating connection and community, full of play and loads of laughs is what I do. Life is short and time is precious… I believe Health is our greatest most precious gift. Helping people and giving LOVE is what drives me. Yes, I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share but really it is about love, compassion and connection.

Join me on your mat to create change, connection, love, trust, pure play, freedom in your mind, body and life and most important empower you to LIGHT up this world huge. Get busy living or get busy dying. What do you chose today? You are ready now.

I am an International teacher, a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Certified AcroYoga/Thai Massage teacher. I am the Co-Owner/Director of a sports medicine health and wellness center. I have been studying, teaching and assisting Baron Baptiste many years and I consider myself a student and teacher for life. I feel blessed and grateful to all of my teachers and students around the world! I have a special interest in anatomy and physiology, alignment, injury prevention and healing of the human body.

Authentic is the perfect place to cleanse your body and mind through a regular yoga practice. The heat only helps you reach your max, and the teachers are great guides as you learn to drop your ego and get present.
— Alyssa S.


When medication didn’t help my anxiety and depression, I found yoga. My practice would calm me down and help me de-stress but I never felt like I was bettering myself for my own health and for my relationships with others.

Then I found Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Not only did Authentic Yoga Life quickly become my favorite place to be but it was the first place I felt comfortable being myself.

As my Baptiste practice grew, I became aware of how I was acting on and off the mat. I learned where I was playing small in life, giving my power to others and how I was not being real with myself and those around me.

That’s what brings me back to my mat each day – to come face to face with my demons, accept them, love them for what they are and move on.

My practice holds me accountable for being a yes to love, non-judgement and forgiveness. It’s these characteristics that I strive to embody in my classes – total acceptance of where you are right here, right now. Because yes, you can do it and yes, you are enough.

Best studio ever! Yogis are knowledgable and helpful. Powerful, fun, and luxurious! Come try for yourself.
— Marti L.


I started practicing yoga about a year after I graduated from high school. At first, it was strictly health related. I told myself I needed to loose weight, to get in shape. All of those things did happen, with time, but something else also happened. I noticed my overall happiness and well-being fall back into place. Once I became more connected with my practice, I started to naturally become a healthier person.

When I found Baptiste Yoga, I also found a home. I became even more connected to my mat and aware of body. Landing in this practice allowed me to shift my ideas of healthiness. It was no longer about being fit or skinny, it was about empowering myself. Each day is a step forward. Each day brings more growth and passion for this practice..

It wasn’t long after finding my “yoga home” that I decided to get my teaching certification. I received my 200-hour training with Yoga Alliance in 2015. I truly believe I have the best job in the world. Not only do I get to teach something I love, but I get to watch my students transform the same way I did.

I love love love this yoga studio! The practice is Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga in the Baron Baptiste style. The room is intimate (fits about 14-16 people, plus instructor) and heated to about 95 degrees. The instruction is friendly and really wonderful. The patrons are open and friendly, and the atmosphere is supportive and non-competitive. You will sweat, and feel soooo good afterward. I leave class very refreshed, drenched in sweat and feeling proud and powerful! I am so glad there is finally a hot yoga studio in Denton, and highly recommend this warm and welcoming business!
— Star C.