The Be True 200-HR Teacher Training Academy has been rescheduled for a later date.

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Our Be True Teacher Training
is an experience of becoming who you are truly meant to be.
— Valerie Warren, Owner

The time to live your truth is NOW.

You might find this yoga teacher training to be a little...unconventional.

That's because we aren't interested in only showing you how to teach a kick-ass yoga class (which, BTW, we totally will). In this program our top priority is to help you find your TRUTH because it is only in that space of  raw authenticity can you be up to something bigger with your life.

We are looking for people who are dedicated to not only making a positive impact on this planet but leaving it a better place than they found it. We want to know what your passions are, what lights you up and leaves butterflies in your stomach. We want to know what pisses you off about our society, the Western yoga world, your community and then help you come up with an action plan on how you can step up and be of service to others.

We want to help you BE TRUE - in your life, your relationships, and the way you live in this world.