Not only is AYL "Green" and Energy Efficient but we use infrared heating panels, too! We heat our studio with the panels as they are designed to heat the body without raising the air temperature to uncomfortable levels. By using the panels for "softer" heat, our heart and lungs are thankful as it causes less stress on our cardiovascular system.

A list of benefits of infrared heating are:

  • creates a healthy heart
  •  reduces cancer risk,
  • helps heal post-cancer
  • improves arthritis
  • reduces pain
  • fights diabetes
  • promotes cellular growth
  • increases and improves circulation
  • creates better sleep
  • enhances muscular health
  • helps skin issues
  • augments weight loss
  • stress reduction

"Infrared heats objects, not the air, thus making it comfortable to practice yoga as well as increasing circulation and helping the body’s natural processes kick in to eliminate waste and build up of lactic acid and environmental toxins. (Black, 2010)."